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Sandilands Aquifer system
The Sandilands sediments designate subaqueous outwash sands and gravels with minor clay interbeds in the central, northern and western sections with glacial tills primarily in the east and south. These sediments overlie a thick undifferentiated glacial till unconformably overlying the bedrock surface. The latter is composed of Ordovician sedimentary rocks consisting of Red River Formation limestones and dolomites and the underlying Winnipeg Formation sandstones and shales. Sandilands sediments are exposed and designate an important source of recharge to the Winnipeg Formation sandstone aquifer. Recharge rates were found to vary spatially and are highly coincident with variations in sediment type. Hydraulic conductivities also vary depending on sediment types. From the zone of recharge, groundwater flow predominantly occurs within the more permeable units. A significant proportion of the groundwater flows west within the sand/silt major stratigraphic unit. A portion of the groundwater is also expected to infiltrate vertically into the Red River and Winnipeg Formation bedrock aquifers, and then moves laterally west. Westward-moving water emanating from the Sandilands is deflected northwards in the area of the Red River. Sandilands show Ca-HCO3 waters, suggesting recharge fresh water.
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