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Prefered label: Vulnerability
A measure of the intrinsic susceptibility of an aquifer representing the « tendency or likelihood for contaminants to reach a specified position in the groundwater system after introduction at some location above the uppermost aquifer ». The method used to create the dataset is described in the metadata associated with the dataset. This latter is a general assessment of the vulnerability of the hydrogeological unit considered as a whole. It features the local / regional qualifiers in a controlled vocabulary list refer to the extent where the vulnerability value is valid. Because the vulnerability is assessed using contextual indices linked to the regional hydrogeological settings, it is very unlikely to have an homogeneous range of data throughout the various hydrogeologic units across the country for this dataset. Hence, the vulnerability dataset will not qualify as an homogeneous dataset. A more generic reclassification using for examples three vulnerability classes could then be used to solve this problem. Each sub layers used to create the global vulnerability index can be provided along with the final vulnerability index map.
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