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Vulnerability of the South-Western Mauricie Confined and Semi-Confined Aquifer

TypeRaster Dataset
Dataset languageen-CA
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This dataset is available in the following formats. Conversion performed by GDAL/OGR.
Format MIME Type
ASCII Gridded XYZtext/plain
ZMap Plus Gridapplication/octet-stream
X11 Pixmap (.xpm)application/octet-stream
USGS ASCII DEM / CDED (.dem)application/octet-stream
PCI Geomatics Database Fileapplication/octet-stream
Intergraph Rasterapplication/octet-stream
Arc/Info ASCII Gridimage/x-aigrid
Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)image/gif
JPEG JFIF (.jpg)image/jpeg
Portable Network Graphics (.png)image/png
TIFF / BigTIFF / GeoTIFF (.tif)image/tiff
ILWIS Raster Map (.mpr,.mpl)application/octet-stream
Erdas Imagine (.img)application/octet-stream
HF2/HFZ heightfield rasterapplication/octet-stream
NITF (.ntf, .nsf, .gn?, .hr?, .ja?, .jg?, .jn?, .lf?, .on?, .tl?, .tp?, etc.)application/x-ogc-nitf
Golden Software Surfer 7 Binary Gridapplication/octet-stream
Golden Software Binary Gridapplication/octet-stream
Golden Software ASCII Gridapplication/octet-stream
ERMapper (.ers)application/octet-stream
ENVI .hdr Labelled Rasterapplication/octet-stream
ESRI .hdr Labelledapplication/octet-stream
Military Elevation Data (.dt0, .dt1, .dt2)application/x-dem
VTP Binary Terrain Format (.bt)application/octet-stream


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