Given nameChristine
Family nameRivard


This person participated to the realisation of the following products
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Characterization of the Annapolis Valley aquifers, Nova Scotia - a work in progress
Impact of agricultural activities on nitrates in ground and surface water in the Wilmot watershed, PEI, Canada
Maritimes Groundwater Initiative: towards an inventory of groundwater resources of the Maritimes Carboniferous Basin, Canada
Conceptual hydrogeological model of the Maritimes Carboniferous Basin aquifers, Eastern Canada
Preliminary hydrogeological characterization of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Géologie du socle rocheux, Bassins Richelieu - Lac Champlain et Yamaska, Québec, New York et Vermont / Bedrock geology, Richelieu - Lake Champlain and Yamaska watersheds, Quebec, New York and Vermont, Commission géologique du Canada
Downhole geophysical logging and preliminary analyses of bedrock structural data for groundwater applications in the Montérégie Est area, Québec; Geological Survey of Canada
Délimitation des eaux souterraines saumâtres en Montérégie Est, Québec, Canada
Atlas du projet Montérégie Est, sud du Québec, Canada
Portrait des ressources en eau souterraine en Montérégie Est, Québec, Canada
A watershed scale study of climate change impacts on groundwater recharge (Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Regional recharge estimation using multiple methods: an application in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia (Canada)
A modeling study of heterogeneity and surface water-groundwater interactions in the Thomas Brook catchment, Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Characterization of a Regional Aquifer System in the Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada
Canadian groundwater inventory: Hydrogeological atlas of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Canadian Groundwater Inventory: Regional hydrogeological characterization of the south-central part of the Maritimes Basin
Hydrogéochimie régionale des trois bassins versants de la région de la Montérégie Est, Québec, Canada
Integrated regional characterization of the Montérégie Est aquifer system, Quebec, Canada
Modeling the evolution of a regional fractured-rock aquifer system in southern Quebec following the last deglaciation
Indicateurs de gestion durable des ressources en eau souterraine appliqués au système aquifère régional de la Montérégie Est, Québec, Canada
Fracture systems controls on fluid flow in the regional sedimentary rock aquifer system of Montérégie Est, southern Québec, Canada
Canada/U.S. transboundary geological maps of the Richelieu/Lake Champlain and Yamaska basins
Initial characterization of fractures and hydraulic properties of the Montérégie Est rock aquifer system
Hydrogeological Atlas of South-Central Area of the Maritimes Carboniferous Basin
Hydrogeological systems of the Montérégie Est region, southern Quebec: fieldtrip guidebook, GeoMontréal 2013 conference
Hydrogeological data from the South-Central area of the Maritimes Carboniferous Basin (MGWI project)