Given nameGeorge
Family nameSomers


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Impact of agricultural activities on nitrates in ground and surface water in the Wilmot watershed, PEI, Canada
Groundwater nitrate concentrations evolution under various climate change scenarios for Prince Edward Island, Canada
A study of the nitrogen cycle of the Wilmot River watershed, Prince Edward Island: initial results
Consequences of climatic changes on contamination of drinking water by nitrate on Prince Edward Island
Results of an Investigation into the Impact of Irrigation Wells on Groundwater Availability in the Baltic Area
Preliminary results from water-isotope characterization of groundwater, surface water, and precipitation in the Wilmot River watershed, Prince Edward Island
Economic implications of increasing nitrate in groundwater due to climate change, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Nitrate leaching from potato production in eastern Canada.
Winter nitrification contributes to excess NO3- in groundwater of an agricultural region: A Dual Isotope Study.
Nitrate isotopes unveil distinct seasonal N sources and the critical role of crop residues in groundwater nitrate contamination.
Considerations for the Mitigation of Nitrate Contamination: Stable Isotopes and insights into the Importance of Soil Processes
Perspectives on groundwater management and protection: experiences with nitrate contamination of groundwater in Prince Edward Island.
Numerical modelling and isotopes underline climate impacts on groundwater nitrate in temperate agricultural settings.
Soil processes Mediate Nitrogen Flux from Agricultural Lands - Evidence from Stable Isotope Studies.
Preliminary Interpretation of Stable Isotopes of Nitrate in Groundwater in a Livestock-Dominated Agricultural Setting - Implications for Source Water Protection.
Tracking the movement of nitrate from agricultural soils to aquifers with the aid of stable isotopes.