Given nameHazen
Family nameRussell


This person participated to the realisation of the following products
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Paris and Galt Moraines, southern Ontario: depositional elements, paleoglacial implications, and hydrogeological applications
Toward improved understanding of aquifer heterogeneity: a case study from the Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority, Southern Ontario
A framework for buried-valley aquifers in southern Ontario
Regional 3-D structural model of the Oak Ridges Moraine and Greater Toronto area, southern Ontario: version 2.1
Sediment-aquifer play types in a list of 30 key Canadian aquifers
Sedimentary signatures of the Waterloo Moraine, Ontario, Canada
Regional hydrogeological studies: the value of data collected from continuously cored boreholes
Stratigraphic Architecture and Sediment Facies of the Western Oak Ridges Moraine, Humber River Watershed, Southern Ontario
On the origin of the Oak Ridges Moraine
Standardization and assessment of geological descriptions from water well records, Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine areas, southern Ontario
Tunnel Channels of the Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine Areas, Southern Ontario
Groundwater Discharge in the Humber River Watershed
Southern Ontario ""Golden Spike"" Data Release: Nobleton Borehole
The need for basin analysis in regional hydrogeological studies: Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario
Pontypoll ""Golden Spike"" Borehole Data Compilation
The significance of buried valleys to groundwater systems in the Oak Ridges Moraine region, Ontario: extent, architecture, sedimentary facies and origin of valley settings in the ORM region
A 3-dimensional geological model of the Oak Ridges Moraine area, Ontario, Canada
Hydraulic-jump and hyperconcentrated-flow deposits of a glacigenic subaqueous fan: Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario, Canada
The Vars-Winchester esker aquifer, South Nation River watershed, Ontario: CANQUA Fieldtrip, June 6, 2007
Architecture of buried valleys in glaciated Canadian Prairie regions based on high resolution geophysical data
Hydrostratigraphic model of the South Nation watershed region, south-eastern Ontario
The role of GIS and expert knowledge in 3-D modelling, Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario
Geological, hydrogeological, geophysical, and geochemistry data from a cored borehole in the Spiritwood buried valley, southwest Manitoba
Downhole geophysical data from boreholes along the Spiritwood buried valley aquifer near Cartwright, Killarney, and southeast of Brandon, Manitoba
Helicopter time-domain electromagnetic data over the Eastern Hatfield buried-valley aquifer system, Saskatchewan
Buried-valley aquifers in the Canadian Prairies: a review
Geophysical characterization of buried esker aquifers in Eastern Ontario
Delineating buried-valley aquifers using shallow seismic reflection profiling and downhole geophysical logs - an example from southern Ontario, Canada
A three-dimensional hydrostratigraphic model of the Waterloo Moraine area, southern Ontario, Canada
Natural Resources Canada 3rd National Workshop on Groundwater
Structural model of the Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine areas, southern Ontario: Newmarket Till
Chemostratigraphy of the late Pleistocene Dashwood Drift to Capilano Sediment succession using portable XRF spectrometry, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Groundwater flow dynamic simulations of a buried valley aquifer calibrated with field and remotely sensed data
Conceptual, geological and numerical groundwater flow models of the Spiritwood Buried Valley Aquifer in southwest Manitoba
Spiritwood buried valley aquifer Manitoba: Emerging understanding for groundwater management
Hydrostratigraphic and Groundwater Flow Models of a Complex Unconsolidated Aquifer System, Nanaimo Lowlands, British-Columbia, Canada
Geology and hydrogeology of prairie buried valleys
Airborne time-domain electromagnetic data for mapping and characterization of the Spiritwood Valley aquifer, Manitoba, Canada
An overview of the architecture, sedimentology and hydrogeology of buried-valley aquifers in Canada
Integrated data sets from a buried valley borehole, Champlain Sea basin, Kinburn, Ontario.
Pontypool 'Golden Spike' Borehole Digital Data Compilation
Structural model of the Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine areas, southern Ontario: Halton Till
Downhole geophysical data from five boreholes in the Nanaimo Lowlands, British Columbia
Three dimensional hydrostratigraphic model of the Nanoose - Deep Bay area, Nanaimo Lowland, British Columbia
A revised depositional setting of Halton Formation sediments in the Oak Ridges Moraine Area, Ontario
Spiritwood Buried Valley 3D geological modelling - part of a multidisciplinary aquifer characterization workflow
Structural model of the Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine areas, southern Ontario: ORM sediment
The Waterloo Moraine: water, science, and policy
Portable XRF spectrometry of insitu and processed glacial sediment from a borehole within the Spiritwood buried valley, southwest Manitoba
Structural model of the Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine areas, southern Ontario: Lower sediment
Geological frameworks in support of source water protection in Ontario