Regional-Scale Groundwater Geoscience in Southern Ontario: an Ontario Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Canada, and Conservation Ontario open house


Where: Delta Hotel, Guelph
Date: February 27 and 28th, 2019

Meeting Objectives

The 2019 Ontario Geological Survey (OGS)– Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) Open House is the fourth and concluding open house that marks the end of a five year collaborative project in Southern Ontario. The Open house continues previous years collaboration with Conservation Ontario for day 2.

The first day of the open house continues to profile OGS and GSC research with an attempt to integrate perspectives from the USGS and other Canadian federal departments and Ontario provincial ministries. Day two focuses on work completed by, and in collaboration with Conservation Authorities in Southern and Eastern Ontario. The morning is reserved for a panel discussion and Question period, the afternoon continues the format of talks related to Conservation Authority collaboration.

Talks on the two days continue to be 20 minutes in length; however, there is an expanded time frame during the health breaks and at the end of the day to network and also interact with authors who decided to have poster presentations. Poster presentations will be on display for the complete two days.

In 2016 four key issues were identified as being the focus of presentations. This year we continue to emphasize:

  • Outcomes of the OGS-GSC 2012-2015 Groundwater Geoscience Knowledge Gap Analysis
  • Canada – USA Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement /Canada – Ontario Great Lakes Agreement
  • Provincial Groundwater Data Management and modelling.
  • Conservation Authority Geoscience

As in previous years, the 2019 open house builds upon the issue of outreach and communications identified in the 2012-2015 OGS Gap analyses1. It is the fourth in a series of annual open houses planned for late winter to connect with groundwater practitioners and policy makers in southern Ontario, and share updates on OGS-GSC geoscience activities. The 2019 Open house marks the end of the federal – provincial collaboration for this open house. In 2020 a new format will emerge as Conservation Ontario and Provincial Ministries work together to maintain a strong communication framework for groundwater geoscience for Southern Ontario.


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February 27
8:00 am Registration/Networking
8:50 am Introduction: logistical details Russell/Priebe
9:00 am Introduction Yves Michaud, GSC
9:10 am The Ontario Geological Survey’s Groundwater Initiative: Highlights from the past two decades Elizabeth Priebe, OGS
9:30 am OGS – GSC Collaboration on Regional Groundwater Studies 2015 – 2018: Conclusion Hazen Russell, GSC
9:50 am Update on Ontario’s Water Quantity Management (Policy, Program and Science) Review Heather Brodie-Brown - MOECP
10:10 am Break
10:40 am Hydrogeological terrains and typical settings of southern Ontario David Sharpe - GSC
11:00 am Multi-order Hydrologic Position: A High-Resolution Dataset for the Conterminous United States Kenneth Belitz - USGS
11:20 am Groundwater Research in Southern Ontario by Environment and Climate Change Canada Jim Roy - ECCC
11:40 pm 3-Dimensional Modelling of Quaternary Deposits in South Simcoe County for Groundwater Applications Andy Bajc - OGS
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Opportunities and challenges provided by regional-scale LiDAR data sets John Lindsay - University of Guelph
1:50 pm Geospatial distribution of chemical, bacteriological and gas parameters in southern Ontario groundwater Laura Colgrove - OGS
2:10 pm Chemostratigraphy of southern Ontario Ross Knight - GSC
2:30 pm Applications of Borehole Geophysical logs in Groundwater Studies Heather Crow - GSC
2:50 pm Break
3:10 pm A 3-D Geologic Model of the Paleozoic Bedrock of Southern Ontario Terry Carter - Carter Geoscience
3:30 pm A Development of a fully integrated groundwater – surface water modelling platform for the Phanerozoic basin region of Southern Ontario Steven Frey - Aquanty
3:50 pm Monitoring groundwater changes in Southern Ontario using GRACE satellite gravity measurements John Crowley - Canadian Geodetic Survey
4:10 pm Wrap-Up
February 28
8:30 am Registration/Networking
9:00 am Welcome to Day 2 - Conservation Authorities Geoscience Ford and Holysh - TRCA /Oak Ridges Water
9:10 am Are we on the right track?
A panel discussion on the future direction of Groundwater Management in Ontario
Jennifer Stephens, Dave Belanger, Jim Buttle, Tessa Di’Iorio, Victor Doyle, David L. Rudolph
Steve Holysh - Oak Ridges Water
10:20 am Break
10:35 am Are we on the right track? (continued)
10:55 am Panel Discussion
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Hydrogeology of the deep flow system within Quaternary sediments, south-central Ontario Richard Gerber - Oak Ridges Water
1:50 pm Hydraulic Tomography Analysis of Municipal Well Operation Data with Geology-Based Groundwater Models at the Mannheim Wellfield in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Xin Tong - University of Waterloo
2:10 pm Using 222-Radon Surveys and Regional Scale Groundwater Models to Evaluate Groundwater Discharge to Lake Simcoe Clare Robinson - University of Western Ontario
2:30 pm Optimization of Low Impact Development Placement through Shallow Subsurface Characterization Tara Harvey - LSRCA
2:50 pm Application of a Regional Scale Integrated Modelling Platform Towards Watershed Insights’ Steven Frey - Aquanty
3:10 pm Break
3:30 pm Comprehensive Groundwater Data Management & Analyses – Raising the Bar Steve Holysh - Oak Ridges Water
3:50 pm A Renaissance in Regional Hydrogeology David Rudolph - University of Waterloo
4:10 pm Wrap-up Russell / Priebe / Ford / Holysh
Number Topic/Title Presenter Affiliation
1 Insights from combined interpretation of sediment cores and geophysical logs in the Niagara Peninsula, ON Abigail Burt OGS
2 The Ambient Groundwater Geochemistry Program: Northeastern Ontario Pilot Project Kayla Dell OGS
3 Deconstructing the Newmarket Till in south-central Ontario Riley Mulligan OGS
4 3-Dimensional Modelling of Quaternary Deposits in South Simcoe County for Groundwater Applications Andy Bajc OGS
5 Interferometry A Case Study in Southern Ontario Junhua Li CCMEO
6 Intersections of Wildfire, Water and Land: Using Groundwater Science to Reduce Risks to Water Supplies Shona de Jong Queen's University
7 Downscaling SMOS/SMAP Soil Moisture Product Using Radarsat Data: A Case Study in Southern Ontario Junhua Li CCMEO
8 The Bells Corner Borehole Geophysical Calibration Facilityof the Geological Survey of Canada Heather Crow GSC
9 A Chemostratigraphic Framework for Southern Ontario: A Progress Report Ross Knight GSC
10 Virtual reality visualization of Phaneerozoic 3D bedrock model Jordan Clark OGSRL
11 An Animation of the 3D Phanerozoic Geological Model of Southern Ontario Hazen Russell GSC