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Mapping buried valley aquifers in SW Manitoba using a vibrating source/landstreamer seismic reflection system
Towards improved hydrogeologic conceptual models in the St. Lawrence Lowlands of southern Ontario
Insights into the Medora-Waskada buried valley aquifer from geophysical surveys, southwestern Manitoba
Regional hydrogeological studies: the value of data collected from continuously cored boreholes
Geostatistical mapping of leakance in a regional aquitard, Oak Ridges Moraine area, Ontario, Canada
Groundwater Discharge in the Humber River Watershed
Southern Ontario ""Golden Spike"" Data Release: Nobleton Borehole
The need for basin analysis in regional hydrogeological studies: Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario
On the kriging of water table elevations using collateral information from a digital elevation model
Geological, hydrogeological, geophysical, and geochemistry data from a cored borehole in the Spiritwood buried valley, southwest Manitoba
Comparison of Groundwater CFC Sampling Methods for Measuring Recharge
Groundwater flow dynamic simulations of a buried valley aquifer calibrated with field and remotely sensed data
Conceptual, geological and numerical groundwater flow models of the Spiritwood Buried Valley Aquifer in southwest Manitoba
Spiritwood buried valley aquifer Manitoba: Emerging understanding for groundwater management
Regional groundwater flow in inter-till and buried-valley aquifers, southwestern Manitoba
Mapping transboundary buried valley aquifers along the Manitoba-North Dakota border
Airborne time-domain electromagnetic data for mapping and characterization of the Spiritwood Valley aquifer, Manitoba, Canada
An overview of the architecture, sedimentology and hydrogeology of buried-valley aquifers in Canada
Integrated data sets from a buried valley borehole, Champlain Sea basin, Kinburn, Ontario.
Spiritwood Buried Valley 3D geological modelling - part of a multidisciplinary aquifer characterization workflow
Shallow drilling and piezometer installations near Killarney, Manitoba for hydrogeological investigations of the Spiritwood Buried Valley Aquifer